We started off with a run of the mill approach: concerned mostly about aesthetics, strength and power. Over the years, we encountered situations where we were not able to perform simple tasks (that even kids could do) such as touching our toes or squatting down fully.

It wasn't until we started accumulating injuries from strenuous training and competitions did we finally start rethinking our approach.


What sets us apart is our unique approach to your health and quality of life. There are various approaches out there and they are all great in their own way, however, there is no best way.

There is only a more suitable way for each individual.

We use a combination of mostly bodyweight exercises and floor work in our training approach. We place a strong emphasis on mobility and pre-hab work that will not only improve performance, but to minimise injuries in the long term.

We can work with you and your medical practitioner (if required) to achieve your desired goals, whether it is fat loss, rehabilitation, and/or sports performance.