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5 Signs your Personal Trainer is Bogus

Been working out for years, but find that your fitness level has plateaued? Aches and pains written off as “signs of age”? You might just be taking advice from the wrong fitness coach. Here are a couple of signs to look out for.

How to level up your workout post-lockdown

Now that circuit breaker is over, and things are kicking into full gear once again, here are some ways to take your workout routine to the next level.

Improve your push-up with this 3-minute wrist-strengthening routine

Do your wrists hurt every time you try to do a push-up? Don’t risk injury by working through the pain. Instead, try this simple routine to increase your range of motion and strengthen your wrists for the long haul.

7 reasons to skip for fitness

Tired of running the same route around your neighbourhood? Here’s a more efficient cardio alternative you could even do at home.

3 simple home exercises to help counter weight gain.

As the holiday season has come and gone, chances are you’ve been feasting a little too much. (We know we have.) It might be time to listen to that little voice at the back of your head, telling you a workout...

15 Mistakes that Make Your Weight Loss Impossible.

15 Mistakes That Make Your Weight Loss Impossible. 1. Having Hormonal Imbalance Hormone imbalance is one of the most important factors that we had to put it as the first point. This is often overlooked when talking about weight loss. Hormones (Cortisol, Insulin, Leptin, Estrogen, Thyroid, etc.) are your chemical…

Personalised Program: The Best Way to Health and Fitness.

Look, you are here because you want your body to be fit and healthy. Through our experience with people of various of backgrounds and body types, we discover the best way is simply an effective personalised programme.

Should you run to lose weight?

Is Running the right exercise for you? We look at the pros and cons of running to help you decide.

Free & Easy ways to make Personal Training better

Personal Training is already a big commitment of time of money. Use these tip to make it as awesome as possible. Easy to do and absolutely free!

How to Choose a Personal Trainer

Success and motivation and closely related to selecting the right personal trainer. These are our top 5 tips on finding the right PT for you.

6 ways to actually see results

There is no shortcut to fitness. Results a product of consistent effort and disciplines. This is our advice to help anyone take better charge of their health and fitness to achieve results.

Top 5 Reasons to Engage a Personal Trainer

Top 5 Reasons why you might consider working with a personal trainer..

A simple explanation to warming up

Why you should warm up before every workout

How to eat for fat loss without dieting

Check out how you can eat your way to fat loss.

Comparing Cardio and Interval Training

Comparing Interval Training and Steady State Cardio. What are the benefits of each and what should you consider?

Weight Loss Food in Singapore

What weight loss foods are found in Singapore?