We at Quantum Fitness firmly believe in letting you decide what you want to eat.
It is your diet and you should have the freedom to choose.

What does Diet mean?

“Diet” is often a misused and misunderstood word.  When we hear or use the word diet, it is often associated with weight or fat loss.

The word “Diet” only refers to an eating habit that one adopts, nothing more and nothing less. Astonishing as it is, there are people who “diet” to gain weight. So burst that bubble commonly associated with dieting.

Diet choices can range from Paleo and Gluten Free to Atkins, etc. Yes, that includes poor eating habits (poor diet).
Whatever your choice of diet, our body is generally a
reflection of what we eat.

Many go on diet for weight loss.
However, does losing weight equate to fat loss?

Weight Loss vs Fat Loss
“Same Same but Different”

Weight loss and fat loss are often misinterpreted and are definitely not the same. You can be losing weight through loss of either fat or muscle. Losing muscle is not desired as it lowers your basal metabolic rate meaning you burn less when at rest.

In general, what most people desire is fat loss. In the process of fat loss, do not be overly obsessed with the weighing scale.

Let the mirror and your clothes be the judge. People around you will start to notice the change. Fix a day and time and weigh yourself every week then.

Between weight and waistline, the latter would probably see a more prominent change if you are headed in the right direction.

How then would you eat for fat loss?

Eating for Fat Loss

Eating for fat loss is pretty straightforward and most of us know how to eat well. However, actually doing it is another story.

For most people, carbohydrates should be the least among the macronutrients that should be ingested.
Be more generous with fat (you read it right) and protein.
Sugars and alcohol should ideally be limited but not eliminated, as it is important to still have your comfort food.

People wrongly assume fat loss is just calorie in/calorie out: achieving a calorie deficit just like math.
Not all foods are equal and they trigger different hormonal responses within the body which are important factors for fat loss!

Counting calories is really hard work.
We have not seen a single person happy to do it.

Only in certain scenarios would it matter down to the digit, such as competitive athletes or under certain health conditions.
For the majority of us, it is mostly irrelevant.

Eat whatever you want but not as much as you want.
Be conscious of what you eat and the portions you eat.
Coupled with a proper exercise program, you will be well on your way to fat loss.