Free & easy ways to make Personal Training better

To maximise the time and money you have committed to personal training, both you and your trainers have to be on the same page. These are our top tips to make your PT awesome!

Goal Setting

Take some time to figure out what your goals are.
Be specific. Set a reasonable time frame and benchmark and discuss with your PT. This will help with program planning and time line.  

Training Routine

Be realistic with how much time you can dedicate to training a week, whether it be just PT lessons or inclusive of sessions on your own. Plan the routine with your PT and stick to it. Progress will be much easier to track and achieve.

The Right Mentality

Your PT will plan, guide and motivate you but you have to want it! Be honest with yourself and your PT in order to achieve results. Stay consistent, always show up for lessons with your game face on

Work It

Your PT is here to help you achieve your goals and there are times where he/she will push you out of your comfort zone. Yes, it can be tough during the lesson but once you clear the hurdle, you will be amazed with what you can actually achieve. Nothing beats this feeling of satisfaction.

Keep a Food Diary

Eating right is also an important factor so keeping a honest food diary helps you keep track of what and what does not work for you. A lifestyle change is always preferred over a crash diet. Your trainer can also help you look at your diet and advise accordingly.

As much as PT can help you to your goals, it is not magic. You still need to put in the due diligence and be consistent to see results. Having these tips in mind will keep you on the right path. Have fun and all the best!