Choosing a Personal Trainer (PT)

So you have decided to engage a personal trainer to pursue your fitness goals. With so many options these days, how do you find the right one for you? It is not a stretch to say that your success and motivation is closely related to selecting the right PT for you. Before parting with your hard earned money and putting in the hard work and dedication, do spend some time finding out which PT would most likely work for you. In this article, we share 5 important factors to consider when choosing a PT.

Training Approach

It is important to know your PT’s field of expertise and training approach before you commit to training with them. Besides trial classes, find out what your prospective PT is working on and able to offer via Instagram and Facebook. You will want a PT who is constantly training and upgrading their skillset.


Certifications should not be the only consideration factor. These days, a lot of certifications can be obtained over a weekend or two. Look at the types of workshops attended and how much time your prospective PT spends training and honing his/her craft. Do not just look at the papers, look at the real world application and results.


Is your trainer just going through motion or is he/she being attentive? If a student respects the PT’s time and expertise, the trainer should likewise respect a student’s time and effort. 

Walking the walk​

It cannot be all talk. It is important for your trainer to lead by example, whether it is being in shape or able to perform the exercise with good form.

Comfort Level​

Getting along with your PT is crucial. After all, you guys will be spending a solid hour or more per lesson and conversation will be expected during lessons (of course only during your rest times, if you are talking more than you are training, AHEM.) 

Choosing the right PT will make every training session both more enjoyable and productive. Personal training is a commitment and requires both PT and student to work well together to see the best results. Take the time to choose wisely and you will be rewarded greatly.