How to level up your workout post-lockdown

Tired of spending the circuit breaker following the same few workout videos on YouTube and not seeing enough results? Or perhaps you’ve gotten so bored that you’ve stopped exercising entirely?

After months of being confined to working out at home, or just going out for jogs, we finally have the freedom to return to our gyms, pools, and exercise corners.

So now that you have access to more space and equipment, here are a few suggestions for how you can take your workout routine to the next level.

Start lifting weights at the gym

If you weren’t one of the lucky ones with access to a full range of dumbbells and barbells at home, then now’s a good time to visit your nearby gym and start intensifying your strength work. Instead of focusing on just cardio, try incorporating things like Deadlifts, or Rows, or even add a dumbbell to your usual squat.

Access to pull-up bars

Finally, the exercise corners are open and we all have access to pull-up bars. If you’re looking to open up those shoulders or even achieve your first pull-up, then now’s your chance.

Start off with passive hangs that will open up the shoulders and increase your grip strength. The “how -to” is simple – just dangle off the bar for about 30 seconds at a time, and repeat 3 times per set.

And if your goal is to work towards a full pull-up, then your next step would be to work on active hangs, followed by eccentric pull-ups.

Find a workout buddy

Now that we’re no longer limited to working out with members of our household, it’s a good time to find a friend to be your workout buddy. Even better if you find someone with a similar fitness level and goals, so you can work on a similar program and help monitor each other’s form and progress.

Can’t find a workout buddy? Don’t worry. No matter what your fitness level is, our Quantum Fitness trainers are equipped with the expertise to help spot you along the way, and ensure that your workout is effective and efficient so you’ll reach your goals in no time.

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