Improve your push-up with this 3-minute wrist-strengthening routine

Why we experience wrist pains

Before every workout routine, it’s recommended to warm-up so your muscles are limber and chances of injury are reduced. However, while most people would focus on squats or jumping jacks to warm up the legs, chances are, the hands get overlooked.

So it’s no wonder that many people feel pain in their wrists while doing push-ups, burpees, straight-arm planks, or any exercises that require hands to be flat on the ground. And it’s not as simple as lacking strength, or having improper form, because it usually boils down to a lack of mobility in the wrists and hands.

During the day, our hands are often curled up holding a mouse or hovering over a keyboard for hours at a go, so they don’t experience the full range of motion they were originally built for. Over time, they lose their flexibility, as well as their strength to support our body weight during loaded floor exercises (e.g. push-ups, burpees, mountain climbers)

How wrist prep helps

Just as you’d warm up your other muscles before a workout, doing a simple wrist-prep routine will not only prevent injury, but also improve the flexibility of your wrist ligaments and strengthen the muscles in your hands and wrists. In the long-run, this gives you the mobility to work towards even more complex moves like handstands.

How to prep your wrists

The below exercise takes less than 3 minutes to execute, and can be done as part of your warm-up or cool-down routine.

It is best done on a hard floor, but you may use a piece of cloth or towel at the start if your hand is too uncomfortable. This is important because a hard surface provides you reliable and immediate feedback, ensuring that it’s your wrist joint being worked rather than being compensated by a soft cushion.

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