Personalised Program: The Best Way to Health and Fitness.

Look, the reason you are here is because you want to have a fit and healthy body. Through our experience with people of various backgrounds and body types, we discovered that there really is no one size fits all program that works and the best way is simply a personalized program.

Why not one size fits all program?

Basically, everyone is unique, having a different body type, health concerns, injuries past or existing, etc. Hence, it would be unrealistic to have a program that works for everyone.

A good coach will listen to your needs and set realistic short term and long term goals with you. A well thought out program will then be designed to help you achieve the goals. It should be catered to each individual. In fact, together we can start defining your goals as soon as you contact us.

Time is the essence.

Do you want to know why some people achieve their fitness goals in just 3 months? There is nothing magical about it, and chances are they know what they are doing or have help, and armed with a well thought out program, they stick to it.

Similar to learning a new subject, you will need to invest time in it to excel. Likewise, your body needs time to adjust and learn, to be what you want it to be. You will need to be disciplined and spend time working your body, moving it, strengthening it to shape.

Consistency is the key.

Whatever your choice of activity, longer is not always better. The key to results is consistency and frequency as opposed to a longer duration. You can be training once a week, 2 hours at a go versus twice a week of 60 minutes each or 4 times of 30 minutes each week.

With an increased frequency and consistency, you would probably be yielding better results. It also allows more flexibility, such as missing workouts for whatever reason it may be, more focused during the duration of work out, intensity, etc.

Consistency also includes:

A Balanced Diet
Even though we are advocates of eat-anything-you-like, yummy foods can only be consumed every so often. After all, you are what you eat and your results are highly dependent on it.

Regular Workout
If your program is mainly or exclusively cardivascular related, do not forget to include some form of strength and mobility work. In the context of strength work, often people do very little leg exercises in the gym as it is more taxing than upper body exercises. Be wise with your selection and include compound exercises (exercises that involve as many muscle groups as possible), this would greatly speed up progress as well as being aesthetically balanced.

Ample Rest
Many athletes can attest to this: Resting is a huge part of physical training. Having consistent sleep and good sleeping habits will speed up your progress like a Usain Bolt. Even if you are on a graveyard shift or have an irregular sleep pattern, a good restful sleep of 6-8 hours can still enhance your progress.
These are the main factors in achieving fast results. Your mileage differs according to how well you can keep it consistent.

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