Top 5 Reasons to Consider Engaging a Personal Trainer in Singapore

With so many workouts online and courses in the community club,  how do you figure out what is best for you? Steady state cardio or HIIT? Calisthenics or weight-lifting? Pilates or Yoga? If you are feeling confused, you might want to consider engaging a personal trainer.

People work with personal trainers for various reasons. Some wanting to lose weight and get toned, while others just want to be held accountable on their fitness journey. Whatever the reason and wherever you are on your fitness journey, a personal trainer might just be what you need to finally attain your goals. 

1. You no longer see results

When you first started exercising, you may have started seeing results fairly quickly, making you motivated to carry on. Yet, after several weeks or months, you have stopped feeling any positive changes from your training. This is actually normal, as your body gets accustomed to the new activity. If you have hit this plateau, engaging a Personal Trainer (PT) might a be a good way for you to start seeing results again.

By working with a trainer, you will be able to 

a. Get a professional opinion on your current routine and learn how to train smarter to maximise your results. Your trainer will help you incorporate the right strength and mobility work into your existing routine. Contrary to popular belief, Cardio is not the only tool available to lose fat. Building muscle will help accelerate fat loss while keeping the fat off. 

b. Get out of your comfort zone. Progressive overload is a big part of seeing consistent results. We all have days where we feel less inclined to push. During those times. your PT will be there to motivate you and to keep you honest and accountable, ensuring you continue to progress. 

2. You don't know where to start

If you are new to working out and want to get started, simply Googling might be confusing. Getting a program started is not always difficult, but whether it works for you and how to progress from there can often prove to be challenging. A PT can help you get on the right track from the get go and you will be learning how workout programming works as well. This is an important skill for those eventually aiming to create your own workouts and train on your own.

By working with a trainer, you will be able to

a. Stay focused on working to achieve your goals. You might not even be aware about what works for your own body. As such your PT will help with aspects like a workout schedule, meal prep plan, etc. which will help lessen the obstacles to your desired goals.

b. Follow a well balanced program, which includes recovery as well. Getting ample rest is part of training too. Your PT will be able to plan your program such that you do not burn out or become too sore for your next training. Whatever your goals may be, every good program should include a balance of strength, cardio and mobility.

c. Learn the fundamentals of doing exercise right. This includes proper technique, proper progressions and appropriate workout intensity. Building a strong foundation will go a long way, ensuring you get the full benefits of your training while minimizing chances of injury.

3. Your current routine is no longer exciting.

Even if you are experienced in working out, working with a personal trainer can be helpful. However, it could be an opportunity to learn new movements or improve upon your technique to spice up your training, especially if your workouts start to feel dry.

By working with a trainer, you will be able to

a. Get a fresh perspective on your workouts. They can help you improve on your technique or form, identify and fill in the missing links in your program. 

b. Explore new movements. There are PTs that are experienced in specialised fields such as parkour, martial arts, etc. on top of the usual forms of exercise, like HIIT, calisthenics. Their experience and knowledge can bring you a new and fresh challenge, keeping you motivated.

4. You feel pain, have an injury or condition.

Sometimes we might feel pains in our body caused by factors like a sedentary lifestyle, improper form, past injuries or age. 
Depending on your condition, rehabilitation is often required. An experienced PT can work together with your medical practitioner of choice and provide specific rehabilitation exercises. On top of that, you can learn to identity what works for your situation and how to manage it in terms of occurrence.

5. You are training for a specific field, sport or event.

A PT might be a great help in helping you get in tip-top condition, whether it be training you for an upcoming marathon or a martial artist for a competition. Engage a PT who has participated or is still active in the sport that you are pursuing. They will often have insights to share from their experience and knowledge accumulated over the years.

By working with a trainer, you will be able to

a. Train with a specialised schedule and routine. An experienced trainer knows what exercises will help with your specific training needs and what excercises/moves benefit you best. They can also advice you on how to make the best of each workout, while factoring an adequate amount of recovery time in between. 

b. Combat your weakest link. Experienced PTs can see areas which you are lacking and come up with different approaches to help improve your performance and minimize injury.

Regardless of your goals, working with a personal trainer will likely benefit you wherever you are in your fitness journey. While it might seem like a huge commitment, whether it is a fight gym, parkour school or tennis school, trial classes are offered to help you better understand their training approaches. You can also consider engaging in personal training with your friend or with a group to keep yourself motivated. Give personal training a shot and you might be surprised!