The Real way to see results​

In today’s context, it is easy to forget that even the fittest people have worked hard for months or even years to reach where they are today. You may have seen social media personalities claiming their secret formula accelerates fat loss, helping them achieve a fast 6 pack. Unfortunately, there really is no such shortcut. What these formulas do though, is to have your hard work pay off by working smartly instead of blindly. 

Results are a product of consistent effort and discipline. 
Here are 6 things for you to do if you have decided to take charge of their own fitness to achieve real results.

Have the right mentality​

Health and fitness is a lifestyle change, period. There are no short cuts. Discipline and commitment are required to see results. While it might not be easy, especially during the initial adaptation phase, the long-term health and aesthetic benefits will be worthwhile.

Set your goals​

Set some goals that you want to achieve, whether it is fat loss or improving your running time, etc. Having specific goals to work towards will keep you focused and motivated. Have an end game in mind and set small mile stones along the way. They will keep you motivated as you conquer them one by one.

Find what interests you​

Based on your goals, look at the different types of exercises/sports that not only challenge, but interest you as well. Do not limit yourself to one discipline too quickly. Go for trial classes that you find interesting and do not be afraid to get out of your comfort zone. If you are going to invest your time and effort, ensure that it is an activity that you enjoy.

Stay Consistent​

We cannot stress this enough:  There is no shortcut to fitness
You might not see results in the first few weeks.
You might stop seeing results after the first few months. Plateaus are not uncommon and while they can be demoralising, just keep at it and you will see the results you desire. Genuinely enjoying the activity is always a good way to stay consistent too.

With the amount of information available today, it really is a lot easier get out of a slump. If in doubt, consult a professional such as a personal trainer or sports coach.

Have a training buddy​

If you have never trained with a friend before, we highly recommend you to do so. Besides motivating and keeping each other accountable, it is usually good fun too. We like to tag our partners on Instagram after our workouts, it serves as a good reminder for them to move too. 

Sign up for classes or personal training

You definitely saw this one coming. However, nothing beats a first-hand experience. Sign up for trial lessons offered by gyms, community centres, dance schools, martial arts centres, etc. The more you are exposed to, the higher the chances of you finding something that you genuinely enjoy doing. On top of that, having a professional opinion can save you time and effort in achieving the results you desire.

If there is one key take away from this article, it would be “Consistency is King”.

Find out what keeps you moving on a regular basis and stick to it. When you enjoy the journey, the health benefits will come without you worrying about it.