Weight Loss Foods In Singapore

It’s tough to cut carbs in Singapore. Almost ever Hawker stall sells high carbohydrate delicacies like Char Kway Teow, Laksa, Mee Rebus and Prata to name a few.  On the other hand, Cafes offer lower carb options but are usually much more costly.
What can you eat to kick start your journey to fat loss?

Economical Rice or Cai Png

Damage: $3-$6

Cai Png can be a great option for those looking for variety. They can be found at almost every coffee shop, hawker centre and food court. While it is normally relatively inexpensive, be careful with the pricing especially in shopping mall food courts in the CBD area.

Ask for less or no rice when ordering and top up with vegetables and meat/fish dishes to get sufficient fibre and protein. The little bit of carbs from the sauces and veggies should be enough to fuel you till the next meal. Make sure to befriend the auntie/uncle. Not only will it put a smile on their face, you might get larger servings whenever you order from them.

Roasted Meat Stalls

Damage: $3-$6

Roast Duck, Char Siew or Siew Ba (Roast Pork) on rice slathered with delicious sauce, a hawker classic. The meat provides a good source of protein and healthy fat essential for the body. Still, don’t go crazy with the fat. As with anything, too much is unhealthy for you. Everything in moderation.

A typical plate of this comes with little to no vegetables. To get sufficient fibre, get a set meal that comes with veggies or get a serving at another stall.  Try asking for portions which have their prices stated on the menu. Asking for 2 or 3 people’s portion of meat normally results in overcharging.

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Bak Kut Teh

Damage: $4-$8

A low carb option packed with protein that you can easily share with family and friends.
Hold back on mee sua, rice and especially you tiao.
Certain side dishes like peanuts and salted vegetables may also be high in calories and low in nutritional value. Try to get fibre other sources too, as Bak Kut Teh tends to be lacking in this area.

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Western Food

Damage: $6-$12 

Disclaimer: The rice should be avoided. A chicken chop or steak can easily fill most people up. Avoid side dishes such as fries, baked potato, pasta and rice to remain low carb. Double up on the protein if you’re feeling extra hungry. Fried foods such as spring chicken and wings should be eaten in moderation as the batter definitely contains unwanted carbs.

An alternative side dish option would be garden vegetables or egg salad without mayonaise.  Be wary of sauces especially ketchup, chilli sauce or BBQ. They are loaded with sugar and are generally worth avoiding.

Fish or Seafood Soup

Damage: $4-$7

Bee hoon and rice should be cut down. Try to opt for fresh instead of fried fish or ask for no milk in your soup. If you can afford it, we also recommend getting an extra helping of fish for that extra protein and omega-3 fatty acids.

Fish soup chains have recently been popping up in hawker centres and are already normal staples at numerous Tze Char stalls. The protein from fish and fibre from veggies like bittergourd and chye sim found in the soup make for a balanced meal. A meal best enjoyed on a cold day.

Burger Joints

Damage: $5-$20

This does not include fast food chains. While burgers have a reputation of being unhealthy, most of the carbs comes from buns and sides like fries and sweet beverages. To stick to low carbs, try going topless which means asking for 1 less bun or carb-free bun alternatives.

Good burger joints will have decent meat quality. Meat and veggies packed into a burger make for a good balance of protein and fibre. Also, try not to go overboard with the sauces; carbs are hidden in them! With so many up and coming hawker burger joints, having a delicious burger has become so much more affordable!

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These are only some suggestions that we feel are more commonly found.
Form your own low carb meal with a good balance of protein, healthy fat and fibre.
You don’t have to always say no to that that bowl of rice or noodles. Experiment with prtion control on carbs and see how your body responds.
Explore food available around you and Improvise. Come up with your own ways! Remember to enjoy the process. Finding what works for you is part of the fun.
Good luck!